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ALAXIA biography
      She began his career as a singer of the gothic band Crucifix nocturnal christians in 1996, with then she made two albums, "Sacrifice" in 2000, with which that they managed to enter Europe as an independent band and were the first South American gothic band to appear in the Wave Gotik Treffen, in 2001, with an excellent repercussion. Songs of this album where included in two German compilations "Kunstler zum 10. Wave Gotik Treffen" 2001, and "Best Goth Open Air 2001 Dark Summer 2001" in Zillo magazine..

     Parallel to the band, Alaxia began to organize dark events, realizing its first event in 1999, called Gotik name and event that would change with the time to become the first discotheque completely gothic in Buenos Aires Argentina, called KREUZ HALLE, that worked during 2002 and 2003, giving a place to the dark musicians of the city to perform live, and the best djs and parties of the scene, located in a place more representative of the under music scene in Buenos Aires, like the Ex Parakultural.

     Crucifix nc, continued playing in other countries, such as Uruguay, Chile. And for 2004, they released "Circus of Angels" album, and one of the songs: Here and Hide it, was selected to participate in another European compilation "New Dark Ages vol. 2" and "Circus of Angels" album being reedited in U.S.A., during 2005.

     Continuing with the organization of dark events, itinerant, called Kreuz Halle Spiritus, now characterized by dark themes and fetish, with excellent perfomances and playing the most current dark music, parties with themes from medieval to BDSM.

     With Crucifix in a pause, and a round 2013 Alaxia, he began to come up with the idea of using all the songs that composed together his fellow Tanzador, bassist and programmer of Crucifix, the electro sounds gave her the freedom to create songs of the all music that she had inside. This idea was shaped, and eventually became the solo project of ALAXIA.

     In 2016 they recorded in the CNC studios and began with the mixing and mastering of the album in the studio "El cono del Silencio", where they were able to capture everything they had in mind, and finally, independently, release the album "Conquer and Destroy " with a video of the song "Departure"

     Looking forward to this 2017 return to the stage.

     Other parallel projects:
OMNESTENEBRAE.COM.AR in 2014, along with ArielB, and Tanzvador create a gothic webzine for South America, Omnes Tenebrae.com.ar, where they promote all the info of bands and events of the dark world scene in Spanish, with interviews to many well-known artists.